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These versatile field-tuned notch filters remove undesired L‑band transmissions with minimal effect on the desired band.

Common Applications:
  • C-band Downconversion
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS)
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
  • Amateur Radio (23 cm Band)


  • Wide Operating Passband - DC to 2500 MHz (excl. notch region)
  • Single and Dual Notch Models Available
  • No Tuning Tools Required - Easy-to-Use Knob Controls
  • Available in 75 ohm or 50 ohm Configuration

Model Description Tuning Range              Notch Depth 3 dB Bandwidth             Tuning Actuation
8976 Single Notch 900 - 1750 MHz 15-18 dB Typ 3.0 MHz Typ Single Knob
8976-2 Dual Notch 900 - 1750 MHz 30-35 dB Typ* 3.5 MHz Typ* Dual Knob**

* Both notches tuned to same frequency.

** Independent Tuning – May be tuned to same notch frequency (for deeper notch) or two separate frequencies (for dual carrier/wideband notching).


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